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What Are The Types Of Website Popular in USA

Have you ever thought that what are the 5 different types of websites available in the market online in United States and Canada etc? Well, it is a topic of discussion. When we are thinking about a website, you can see there are many options available in the market.

If you are a business and you have planning to go online and promote your business worldwide or in a specific area, then a website is the perfect way to do this. So, What are the different types of websites available in the market, let’s talk about this below.

  1. eCommerce Website Development
    An eCommerce website development solution is a perfect platform for businesses that want to sell their products online using eCommerce online store. There are many features available, a few of them listed below:-

-User-Friendly Design
-Mobile-Friendly Features
-Payment Options
-Online Customer Service with 24*7 Availability
-User Reviews
-Discounts and Coupon Codes
-Extensive Product Information
-Custom CMS For Product and Content Uploading.
-SEO Panel

  1. Personal Websites
    This is a type of website that is perfect for any individual who wants to get an online presence to highlight their opinion, establish their own personal brand, help with job prospects or work as a freelancer. Some of the main features of this type of website are given below:-

-Site Skins
-Online Content Editor or CMS
-Responsive Design
-SEO Panel.

  1. Business Website
    Business websites are commonly used by businesses to represent their work and their product/service (also achievements) online. A business online website/portal provides a live presence so users can learn about the company, its working area, employees, services, culture, products, etc. A good website can easily convert users into customers. The main features of business websites are below:-

-Accessible Contact Detail
-Easy Navigation (user-friendly design)
-Mobile Friendly Responsive Design.
-SEO Optimized Pages.
-Customer Testimonials
-Social media elements
-FAQs Page and more.

  1. Blog or News Website
    To inform and educate the users or visitors of your website about specialized knowledge or events is the main goal of a blog or news website. These types of websites have the highest domain authority and also if the website builds well, the website will get more conversions easily. The main features of a blog or news website are given below:-

-Archive Page
-RSS Feed
-Search option
-Categories and tags
-Comments Section
-Featured Image Section, Social Sharing
-Responsive design.
-CMS For all content updates with SEO panel.

  1. Landing Pages
    Landing Pages are commonly used to drive customers to a single, specific page to achieve their conversions like to get more leads, and to generate sale of perticular product/service. The main feature of the landing page is given below:-

-A single, prominent call to action
-Service/Sales brief description

So Above mentioned types of websites are perfect for each type of requirement. We hope we have cleared your question “what are the 5 different types of websites” and now you can make a decision to choose your website as per your requirements. For any kind of help and support, please feel free to call us or comment below.

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