What do we offer?

As a leading software support and maintenance company, we provide exceptional support and a wide array of maintenance solutions for your enterprise product:

  • Modification and Reconfiguration

    We examine your existing software to make necessary modifications essential to your operating functions. We alter data format, reconfigure the hardware, support utility modifications and regulate & integrate new OS.

  • Bug and Glitch Removal

    Blockcod’s support team resolves software errors in your enterprise apps without any time lapse. Our services include setting glitches with the core algorithm- logical, coding & design errors and bug eradication.

  • Enhancements and Insertions

    We conduct continuous and rigorous modifications for your company software before the launch to avoid unnecessary glitches and delays. Our support services help you refine your software through editing, moderation, insertions, deletions, software enhancements and changes.

  • Detailed Analysis for Future-Proofing

    Our support team helps you analyse the future needs of your business and probable concerns based on preferences, feedback and past occurrences of your customers. At Blockcod Technologies, we aim to design and incorporate compatible solutions to meet the future requirements of your business.

What is Maintenance?

Maintenance refers to the field of services that involves functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing necessary devices, building infrastructure and supporting essential business utilities.


At Blockcod Technologies, we have a unique approach and years of experience towards supporting and maintaining various software apps that have made us the most preferred application management company across the world.

  • Quality and security adherences
  • Result-driven approach
  • No contract lock-ins
  • Motivated and creative teams
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Co-development teams
  • In-depth domain knowledge


Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, BlockCod has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.

Mrs. Jeffrey

Being back with NanoSoft just gives me peace of mind knowing that my technology is functioning seamlessly behind the scenes without it interfering with and disrupting our day-to-day operations.

Mrs. Jeffrey
Mr. Richard

Very late in the day, I received a request from our director to obtain a quote for software and laptops. We needed them by noon the next day. But John Doe was able to get those to us first thing in the morning.

Mr. Richard
Why choose us


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    Dedicated Support

    Everyone needs a helping hand to understand technology better, and we are becoming one. We at BlockCod Technologies provide dedicated support to resolve all of your queries. Whether a website query or an application issue, our team of technicians will help you with the best of services without language or communication barriers.

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    Extensive Domain Expertise

    With extensive domain expertise, we design, evaluate and justify technology solutions with a thorough understanding of your industry. We at BlockCod Technologies have years of experience in a wide spectrum of industries, technologies and application types.

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    Whether you want simple website development services or a high-featured mobile application, we handle all aspects of IT infrastructure to accomplish your business needs. BlockCod Technologies can be taken as a one-stop-shop technology-related service.

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    Competitive Pricing

    Quality is not always expensive. We at BlockCod Technologies made this saying real by serving quality services at a transparent and competitive price. Now, experience incredible IT services & solutions conveniently at a reasonable price.

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    Continuous Innovation

    We believe in accepting and integrating essential changes in our work process at every step of the business. At BlockCod Technologies, we use innovative and out-of-the-box ideas to serve with best-in-class, curated solutions to our clients.

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    Quality Assurance System

    Quality is our priority, and we integrate it in the best possible way in every service we render to our clients. Partnering with us is way more than just developing mobile applications or hiring IT services- it is fostering mutual growth and capabilities.

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